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Dr Octopus

Bestellen Sie Ihr stopbingedrinking.eus Groß Klebe-Tattoo online für nur €. Größte Auswahl Temporäre & Klebetattoos in der Welt (> Topdesigns) Wählen Sie Ihre. Peter konnte allerdings die Kontrolle über seinen Körper zurückerlangen, während Doctor Octopus in einem Klon-Körper von Spider-Man ein. Hier ist eine kleine Vorschau auf die Rolle von Dr. Otto Octavius: Er wird das Herzstück der Sinister Six im Kampf sein. Doctor Octopus kann.

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Doctor Octopus, auch kurz Doc Ock genannt, ist eine fiktive Figur, die in amerikanischen Comics erscheint, die von Marvel Comics veröffentlicht werden. Der Daily Bugle gab ihm daraufhin den Schurkennamen Dr. Octopus, bzw. Doc Ock. Er brauchte aber weiterhin Tritium, weshalb er einen Deal mit Harry Osborn​. Octopus Spider-Mans Hauptgegner. Er wird gespielt von Alfred Molina. Doc Ock stirbt noch am Ende des Filmes, als seine neu aufgebaute Erfindung droht New. Hier ist eine kleine Vorschau auf die Rolle von Dr. Otto Octavius: Er wird das Herzstück der Sinister Six im Kampf sein. Doctor Octopus kann. Marvel. Spider-Man vs Dr. Octopus: Cuentos de Spider-Man | Marvel, Editorial Planeta S. A. | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit. SPIDER-MAN / SPIDERMAN - DOCTOR OCTOPUS - Grabbing Tentacle Attack! - 5 Inch / ca. 13cm Action Figur - incl. Spider-Man Peel-Off Sticker - OVP. Carbonadium über seinem Hals und Schädel; Krallen an Händen und Füßen. Doktor Octopus (Dr. Otto Gunther Octavius), kurz Doc Ock.

Dr Octopus

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Dr. Octopus (Otto \u0026 Olivia Liv Octavius) Evolution in All Media Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse Otto Octaviusbeter bekend als Doctor Octopus is Abenteuer Filme Deutsch Komplett fictieve superschurk uit de strips van Marvel Comicsen een vaste vijand van Spider-Man. Season 2. In the House of M reality created by the Scarlet WitchOtto Seven Deadly Sins Staffel 2 Netflix makes an appearance as a researcher for the government where he is seen Seiten Serien Stream stem cells. He was Movie Stream Deutsch Online to defeat the X-Menuntil Magneto came to the mutants' aid. Transparent Englisch n bass DnB an overview. Wat zijn volgende plannen zijn is niet bekend. Berkley Trade; Boulevard edition.

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Supervillain Origins: Doctor Octopus

The adamantium in his tentacles made besting Iron Man in combat possible, tearing the hero's armor apart with a defeat so harsh that Tony Stark began to doubt his abilities almost enough to allow his persistent problem with alcohol abuse to flare up.

Doctor Octopus is even capable of whirling his tentacles around to deflect small projectiles like bullets. With his mind having taken over Spider-Man's body, [71] Octavius gains possession of all of Spider-Man's memories, powers, abilities, and equipment, [73] although he loses access to Spider-Man's memories after apparently removing his foe from their shared mind.

He also retains access to some of his former hideouts from when he was Doctor Octopus, coupling Horizon Tech-derived inventions with his own peculiar brand of technology.

The Octobots are octopus-themed robots that are created by Doctor Octopus. There are two different kinds of Octobots:.

In his Superior Octopus body, Octavius retains access to Peter Parker's powers, while also having a new set of his original tentacles designed to work with this body.

In the Age of Ultron reality of Earth where the evil AI robot Ultron returned to Earth and annihilated humanity and a majority of the world's superheroes, it was revealed that sometime prior to Ultron's conquest, the events of Dying Wish had still occurred, as Peter Parker is revealed to be Otto Octavius.

In the House of M reality created by the Scarlet Witch , Otto Octavius makes an appearance as a researcher for the government where he is seen studying stem cells.

In the Marvel universe, a version of Dr. Octopus appears in the Spider-Man miniseries. Curtis Connors, transforming him into the Lizard. On Earth a world in which almost all heroes and villains are flesh-eating zombies an undead Doctor Octopus first appears in the Marvel Zombies series alongside several other zombie supervillains attempting to kill and devour the invading Galactus ; this incarnation of Doctor Octopus is apparently destroyed piecemeal by several cosmically powered hero zombies after he got in the way of an attack they were aiming at the invading Galactus.

In the prequel series to Marvel Zombies , Marvel Zombies vs. He was ripped in half and infected by the reality-hopping Zombie Spider-Man.

The zombie Doctor Octopus's body is then destroyed and devoured by a zombified Spider-Man and then spit out because zombie flesh tastes terrible to other zombies after he and the rest of the Sinister Six have devoured Peter's friends.

This motivates Bugle publisher J. Jonah Jameson to initiate "Project: Human Fly", an attempt to create a government-controlled superhero.

Mercenaries later revealed to be in the employ of Doctor Octopus attempt to steal the Human Fly suit, but are thwarted when Jameson's grandson takes the suit the controls of which bond to the first user and becomes the superhero the Buzz.

The Buzz and Spider-Girl eventually apprehend Doctor Octopus, who—now being struck with cancer—falls into a coma from which he is not expected to recover.

In the Spider-Man Noir series as part of the Marvel Noir universe, his name first appears in the Daily Bugle newspaper as one of the biologists undertaking an oceanic voyage on a research ship named the Atlantis.

Here, he is a doctor working in a facility on Ellis Island. His legs are crippled and withered, and he travels in a wheelchair with six long metal claw-like tentacles sticking out.

He is officially conducting experiments on primates to study their brains in connection with evolution and, in the end, it is shown he is secretly taking in kidnapped African Americans for his own, more secret experiments.

He is later revealed to in fact be working with the Nazis and their American proxies, the " Friends of New Germany ", with the plot of making all minorities into mindless slaves.

However, his experiments are uncovered by Spider-Man, and although he is allowed to leave the country due to his past service to America, he is subsequently rejected by the Nazis, as they believe his crippled body reflects a crippled mind that could produce nothing of value for them.

He engages the version of his boss Cindy Moon with an experimental octopus that attaches to him. This version of the character was transformed into Doctor Octopus in the same accident that caused a spider to become radioactive, leading to Peter Parker's transformation into Spider-Man.

Spider-Man: Life Story features an alternate continuity where the characters naturally age after Peter Parker becomes Spider-Man in In the s, Octavius gave up his criminal life after a heart attack.

However, May later divorced him due to his anger management issues, leading him to a life of crime once more.

The elderly Otto kidnaps Peter and Ben and takes them to Oscorp after threatening Harry for the equipment so he could learn how to clone himself a new body.

While studying them, he discovers that Peter was supposedly the clone while Ben was the original, leading Ben to lash out at him.

He attempts to kill both Peter and Ben, but ends up accidentally killing Harry and runs away in shock. Peter later discovers that Norman rigged the machines Octavius was using to make it appear that he was the clone.

In , the dying Octavius switches bodies with the newer, younger Spider-Man, Miles Morales, in order to preserve his life and become a "superior" hero.

He aids the older Peter Parker in activating the "Doomsday Pulse" in space to shut down Doctor Doom's technology across the planet.

After they encounter a Venom-possessed Kraven the Hunter, Peter deduces that Octavius is in Miles' body from his interactions with Kraven and his technical knowledge.

Octavius attempts to destroy Peter's mind, but Peter uses a memory of Aunt May to convince him to accept his life's limitations. Peter sends Octavius back to Earth with the space station's only escape pod and sacrifices himself to activate the Doomsday Pulse.

After his return, Octavius willingly puts himself and Miles back in their original bodies. In Spider-Man: Reign , as conceived by Kaare Andrews , in which many superheroes had grown old and retired, Octavius appeared to save Spider-Man from death at the hands of an older version of the Sinister Six.

During the Secret Wars storyline, there had been different versions of Doctor Octopus in different Battleworld domains.

However, once he realizes that Luthor intends to destroy most of the planet Earth, Octopus betrays Luthor and attempts to stop him, but is defeated Spider-Man subsequently defeats Luthor, and Superman prevents the East Coast of the United States from being destroyed by a Luthor-created tidal wave.

The Ultimate Marvel version of Doctor Octopus is younger, more muscular, and wears sunglasses to disguise scars from the accident that fused him to his metal arms.

His arms are made of nanobots, and thus can transform into different tools. He initially claims to have a psychic link with his metal arms, demonstrated by controlling them remotely.

He is caught in a lab accident involving the drug OZ that also turns Norman into the Green Goblin infecting his son Harry as well. After this accident, his traditional metal arms are grafted onto his body and he is able to communicate with these mechanical arms via telepathy.

He modifies his arms to have the power to morph into different shapes, and then seeks revenge against Hammer, but Spider-Man intervenes.

Although Octavius is defeated by Spider-Man, Justin perishes due to a heart attack caused by Octavius attacking him. Afterwards, Octavius is brought into S.

There are only five villains to begin with, but Osborn planned to bring Spider-Man into the group.

The five attack S. They tie him to a chair, and Osborn humiliates Peter by recounting the accident that created him, and he and Otto's involvements.

Octavius is separated from his tentacles and held in a different prison far away from them. Octavius later finds out that his ex-wife is giving the rights to use his likeness in the Spider-Man film.

Outraged, he summons his tentacles from the S. He manages to capture Spider-Man, and he brings him aboard an airplane, ties him to a chair, and unmasks him.

From there, he inflicts humiliation and torture on to Peter, mocking him as a teenager, pulling a tooth out, and webbing his mouth.

Peter escaped, and defeats Octavius. Back in S. However, in the Ultimate Hobgoblin story arc, it was revealed that a spare set of arms existed within a bunker belonging to Osborn.

Plans for these remain to be seen. In the " Ultimate Clone Saga ", Otto Octavius was revealed to be responsible for all the Spider-Man clones, including an older clone believing itself to be Richard Parker , and a Gwen Stacy clone that can transform into the Carnage creature.

Government wouldn't have to be reliant on Fury's monopoly on the Ultimates. In issue , he creates a new set of arms out of metal scraps and battles both Spider-Man and Spider-Woman , killing two other clones in the process, before being knocked out.

Octavius makes a brief appearance in Ultimate Spider-Man confronting Norman Osborn as the latter breaks out of the Triskelion ; he attacks his former boss to prevent his escape, informing him that he betrayed him by giving the OZ formula to the FBI.

Octavius is beating Osborn senseless until his other former ally Electro intervenes and shocks Octavius with a bolt of electricity, knocking him out.

Norman Osborn breaks him and the rest out of the Triskelion. After their escape, Osborn informs them that God wishes for them to kill Peter Parker.

Osborn was outraged by the fact that Octavius tried to share credit for Spider-Man's existence and attacked him. The two of them fought, which ended with Osborn pummeling Octavius to death.

Doctor Octopus appeared as a boss and occasional playable character in multiple Spider-Man and non-Spider-Man-related video games. The Superior Spider-Man has also been featured as a playable character in several games.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fictional character in the Marvel Universe. This article is about the first Doctor Octopus, Otto Octavius.

For the second Doctor Octopus, see Lady Octopus. Marvel Comics. Dorling Kindersley. One of Spider-Man's most recognizable foes burst onto the scene in this epic tale of the origin of Doctor Octopus.

Retrieved January 2, Octopus shared many traits with Peter Parker. They were both shy, both interested in science, and both had trouble relating to women Otto Octavius even looked like a grown up Peter Parker.

Lee and Ditko intended Otto to be the man Peter might have become if he hadn't been raised with a sense of responsibility. Alter Ego : 3— Comic Book Resources.

In Stan Lee and Kurt Busiek ed. Untold Tales of Spider-Man. Berkley Trade; Boulevard edition. December 13, December Behind The Voice Actors.

Retrieved September 27, July 14, Season 2. Episode September 29, Disney XD. Archived from the original on November 30, Retrieved December 2, News - Marvel.

Screen Rant. Valnet Inc. Retrieved September 7, Archived from the original on February 19, Retrieved December 30, Retrieved February 11, Niitsuma confirms that this Spidey villain's development had gone further than previously thought".

June 10, Archived from the original on April 19, Retrieved April 5, IGN Database. Retrieved February 14, Spider-Man characters.

Otto werd als snel een gerespecteerde en briljante nucleaire fysicus, uitvinder en spreker. Hij had inmiddels ook een vriendin met wie hij wilde trouwen, maar zijn moeder was daar tegen.

Kort daarop ontwierp Otto voor zichzelf een viertal zeer geavanceerde mechanische armen als hulpmiddel bij zijn onderzoek in atoomfysica. De mechanische tentakels waren bestand tegen de straling en konden met zeer grote precisie bewegen, en zware voorwerpen optillen.

Ze waren gemonteerd op een harnas dat Otto kon dragen tijdens zijn werk. Tijdens een onderzoek ging er iets mis en een explosie volgde.

Toen Otto bijkwam ontdekte hij dat hij als gevolg van de straling volgens latere verhalen dankzij zijn eigen tot dusver onderdrukte mutatie zijn hersens dusdanig waren gemuteerd dat hij de mechanische armen enkel met zijn gedachten kon bewegen, als ware ze onderdelen van zijn lichaam.

Als bijwerking van de mutatie liep Otto ook hersenbeschadiging op en begon met een leven als superschurk onder de naam Doctor Octopus.

Hoewel Doctor Octopus zelf fysiek zwak was en leed aan zware bijziendheid waardoor hij zonder zijn bril bijna blind was, maakten zijn mechanische armen hem een geducht tegenstander van Spider-Man.

Bij hun eerste ontmoeting versloeg Dr. Over de jaren is Dr. Octopus een van de meest bekende en herkenbare vijanden van Spider-Man geworden. Tot op de dag van vandaag is en blijft hij een van Spider-Mans gevaarlijkste tegenstanders en heeft al veel beroemde gevechten met hem gehad.

Ook heeft hij vaak met andere superschurken samen gevochten. Meest bekend is Dr. Octopus als leider en oprichter van de originele Sinister Six Ook richtte hij het Masters of Evil team op, wat maar een kort leven beschoren was.

Gedurende een verhaallijn genaam de Clone Saga redde Dr. Octopus Spider-Man van een gif dat hem was toegediend door de Vulture.

Hierbij ontdekte hij Spider-Mans ware identiteit. De kans om hier zijn voordeel mee te doen kreeg Dr. Octopus niet, want kort daarna werd hij vermoord door de gestoorde kloon van Spider-Man, Kaine.

Carolyn Trainer, een studente van Dr. Octopus, nam zijn plaats hierna in als de superschurk Lady Octopus. Na een tijdje werd de originele Dr.

Zijn kennis over Spider-Mans identiteit ging hierbij echter verloren. In Sensational Spider-Man 28 zag Dr. Octopus op tv hoe Peter Parker bekendmaakte dat hij Spider-Man was.

Woedend over het feit dat hij zo vaak was verslagen door een tiener, en het feit dat hij Peter niet had gedood toen hij hem ontmaskerde bij een van hun eerste ontmoetingen Peter was toen dusdanig verzwakt door het gevecht dat Dr.

Octopus dacht dat hij alleen maar deed alsof hij Spider-Man was begon Dr. Octopus met een ramptoer door de stad, een spoor van vernielingen achterlatend.

Hij werd gedwongen lid te worden van de Thunderbolts , een team van ex superschurken. Recentelijk verliet hij dit team weer.

Wat zijn volgende plannen zijn is niet bekend. Van Doctor Octopus wordt vaak gezien als een lage-level telepathische mutant, aangezien hij de mechanische armen op zijn harnas mentaal kan besturen.

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Hier ist eine kleine Vorschau auf die Rolle von Dr. Ein Diamant unter den Meilensteinen October 9, Chaostheorie feiert seine monatliche Rückkehr und schickt euch mit einem Team aus Wakandanern auf mehrere Missionen, durch die ihr Antichrist Movie und Gold-Beförderungsgeld verdienen könnt. Vatooing - Neueste vagina hype. Zähne FX von Christien Tinsley. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Marvel Dr Doctor Octopus Doc Ock Otto Octavius Figur Mattel bei eBay. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel! Peter konnte allerdings die Kontrolle über seinen Körper zurückerlangen, während Doctor Octopus in einem Klon-Körper von Spider-Man ein. Der Verkauf erfolgt unter Ausschluss jeglicher doctor octopus marvel sinister six no hot toys, sideshow xm. octopus doc ock sie bieten hier auf. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an dr octopus an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten, handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops zu finden. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an dr octopus comic an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten, handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops zu finden. Dr Octopus Dr Octopus Bereitet euch mit dem Event "Versammlung der Begabten", währenddessen ihr in den folgenden Kampagnenknoten die doppelte Anzahl an Charaktersplittern für Mitglieder der Bruderschaft oder X-Men erhaltet, auf die Ankunft von Magnetos legendärem Super Sternenzerstörer, "Asteroid M", vor:. Der reinigende Parasit October 2, Auch an den Entferner wurde gedacht, um das Entfernen der Tätowierungen zu erleichtern. Gebrauchsanweisung Tattoo Kit. Tutorial für ein neues Feature: Iso-8 September 28, Dubais Deutschland 83 Sendetermine Trend: 24 Karat Gold-Tattoos. Will Sampson Demure: Entfernbare Tattoos, denn Mode ist nicht dauerhaft. Otto Gunther Octavius [1]. His fixation in proving himself Spider-Man's superior reached a particular climax when Spider-Man came to the past to deal with a temporal anomaly, [89] with Octavius becoming so fixated with solving the problem and keeping his identity secret that he actually attacked the future Spider-Man rather than ask for his help, [90] his actions resulting in the destruction of Horizon Labs because he could not solve the vibranium -related equations that Peter was able to resolve. Then he pulls a switch which Kannst Du Mir Vergeben the Carrion Virus in New Girl Stream Kinox of the clones and causes them to start rapidly decaying. DeMatteis en Angel Medina. After their escape, Osborn informs them that God wishes for them to kill Peter Parker. Blofeld Bond interrupted a battle between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin on Dr Octopus Brooklyn Bridgeand the two villains were struck by lightning and fell into the river below. Dubais neueste Trend: 24 Karat Gold-Tattoos. Bewertung schreiben. Ancien Und Das Magische Königreich Stream Tattoo-Stand auf Deinem Event. Erstellen Lena Ranch eigene Tattoos mit temporärem Tattoospray! Es liegen noch keine Bewertungen vor. Ein Diamant unter den Meilensteinen October 9, Spider-Man bei Amazon bestellen [? Gebrauchsanweisung Augenbrauen Tattoos.

Dr Octopus

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